TED GADECKI Illustration  Portland, OR
3D & 2D Illustration, Digital Retouching

Specializing in Realism for Multi Media, Print, Advertising, Packaging, Publishing

3D Modeling
Specializing in Product Visualization, Vehicles, Electronics, Signage, Toys, Packaging, Interior Visualization

Digital Imaging Specialist
High-end Digital Retouching, Color Correction, Compositing of photos and artwork for print and web

Computer Programs Maya, Z Brush, Headus UV Layout, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch Up

Partial Client List
NIKE, Mattel, Nemo Design, Color Technologies, Inc, Iridio- RR Donnelley, Ivey Marketing, Fred Meyer, Non Box, Hasbro, Matchbox, Electronic Arts, Lexus, Schwinn, Allstate, Michelin, Marvel Comics, Hitachi, Accolade Video Games, PicturePlane, Tri-Met, Oregon Zoo, The Oregonian, Oregon Motorcycle Racing Association, Legacy Health Systems, City of Portland, Portland Lottery, Natura Pet Products, Graphic Orb, Primary Color, Quaker Oats, Kraft, Seagrams, M&M Mars, Miller Beer Frito-Lay, Morton Salt

3D Packaging Illustrator for Mattel Hot Wheels™, Barbie™

Licensing Style Guide Illustrator: Thomas the Tank Engine, Britt Alcroft Co, Random House Kids